2020 April 24 Friday

In Liberty Hill, Texas

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hoo-whee! Going for a popcorn poppin’ ninety one degrees today. What’s your bet, on the money, higher, or lower? I’m betting it gets closer to one hundred than ninety degrees.

W-e-l-l, it came to the half way mark between ninety and a hundred. ‘Tis a good thing nobody took me up in that bet.

nd, yes, I know that it will not actually pop corn at that temperature. It has to be above the boiling point of water. It has to form steam within the kernel to make it pop. Plus it has to heat very quickly or the steam just seeps out rather than exploding. There ya go, a little cookin’ science thrown in at no extra charge. Y’er welcome!

sually I like a little cloud in a sunrise or sunset photo. They add color and shape that a straight shot of the sun can’t have. However, the star pattern flare made an otherwise ho-hum photograph much more interesting.

I began refilling my medication sorters, only to discover that one of my most important pills had only enough for today and tomorrow. Plus, it is one that has no refills. That means the pharmacy has to contract the doctor (by fax – really? No email or text? That’s so last century!) and then the doctor replies – again by fax. Maybe, hopefully, I will be able to get a refill by tomorrow. If not, it will be Monday.

round mid morning, our home was a rockin’ with some thirty mile per hour winds gusts. The sun just raining fire down on us. Not a cloud this side of the horizon. Where did the wind come from?

al-Mart pharmacy surprised me. Both of my prescriptions are ready. So we will stop and pick them up on the way into Arik and Jenny’s this evening.

Jenny, Arik, and Beket. Sofia was on a conference calland we didn’t see much of her. She came out to fill her plate then disappeared inside until we were ready to leave. Arik grilled some salmon sand served it with baby potatoes in a mustard

vinegarette, and rice. It was nice to spend time with them, even if we did maintain a proscribed distance.

No sunset photo as it sat while e were driving home.

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  • ©2020 Thomas E. Williams

Day 207, in Texas.

©2020 Thomas E Williams


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