2020 April 25 Saturday

In Liberty Hill, Texas

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fter yesterday’s high of ninety five degrees, it was nice to have the cool breeze this morning. That gentle breath of wind came through the bedroom window, fluffed out the curtain, and then rolled across the bed.s a matter of fact, it felt so soothing that, when I woke for the first time, I rolled over and went back to sleep. It was nearly nine o’clock when I did plant my feet in the floor and rise from bed.
ver six weeks ago we self isolated ourselves.

We attended church, came home and stayed home … mostly. (Keep reading) We have each other, food, shelter, all of the essentials, and plenty to keep us entertained.

here comes a point, however, when you feel less “protected” and more “imprisoned” or at least under “house arrest.” We have “escaped” several times to purchase essentials and twice to visit family.ven with the family we maintained social distancing. I miss the hugs! I miss laughing with friends. I miss gathering together for worship. I miss our fantastic Sunday school class where we learn from each other.On the plus side, we have learned how capable we are asst being sell-contained and self-reliant and most of all being God-reliant.What is your experience during this time? What have you learned about yourselves?First video one minute twenty nine seconds

Second video two minutes forty five secondsLunch turned out well. I think the experiment was a successes. You did take a couple minutes to watch the videos, right?Gotta give credit to the weather futurecasters for getting the temperature exactly right. It’s amazing that they usually get it with in a few degrees, plus or minus. Just a few generations ago, if they predicted rain for tomorrow, we didn’t expect to know “when” tomorrow. If, sometime in the next twenty four hours, it rained, that was a win.

As a boy with a vivid imagination, I devoured everything Tarzan. My first introduction was through the series of movies staring Johnny. Weissmuller. He was the ape-man more brawn than brain.

Then it was the Tarzan comic books. Which pictured him as highly intelligent as well as in top physical shape.And finally, I read some of the Edgar Rice Burroughs books which showed him as highly cultured, a far cry from the brutish Tarzan of Johnny Wessmuller portrayal.However, the most important thing to me was he climbed trees and had a way cool tree house.Who were your childhood heros and why?Right about sunset I went out on the deck to unlatch the door so that it could be closed. for the night. However, it was so very nice out, that I decided to sit on the deck and watch the darkness come. The last thing I do at bedtime is look out the window I search of stars. If I wake early enough, I look for the morning stars. In a properly dark and cloudless night, the beauty of the stars takes my breath away. Primitive people were totally in awe of the lights in the sky. I think possible, knowing that those are sister planets traveling around that star in the middle of our solar system, and that other lights come from stars unimaginable distances away, I may be more in awe than those people so long ago. Knowledge doesn’t make less a believer in an all powerful Creator, but more so.Thanks again for stopping by.

  • God bless and g’day.
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Day 208, in Texas.©2020 Thomas E WilliamsDays being self isolated

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