2020 April 29 Wednesday

In Liberty Hill, Texas

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It was really amazing this morning. Several amazing things actually. Between 5 and 5:30 we had one heck of a thunder booming, raining, blowing storm. Lots of lightning.

Very close lightning. According to the WeatherBug lightning radar, it was within 0.0 miles from us. I’d say that was pretty close.

I lay in bed listening to the storm, and then watching some videos. I finally got out of bed and started some coffee. Then I went outside and videoed the amazing looking clouds this morning. Then I sat outside with my cup of coffee, listening to the birds. To somebody as hard of hearing as I am, hearing birds is a rare thing. But this morning I could hear quite a few birds singing their various songs.

As I was sitting there, staring at my stained coffee mug, an idea came to me: I’m going to develop a brand of coffee that you make with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, so that your teeth never get stained. What do you think? Is that a million dollar idea, or what? I could go on Shark Tank and get investors.

The sun is doing a passable job of imitating the moon today.

Today was a busy day for both Ella and I. She did some house work and I did some outside work.

I didn’t take much time for writing, but I’ll give you the gist of it. Everything I’ve done to rain proof my homebuilt Tom built pickup topper has failed. We have a HUGE six hundred square feet heavy tarp, silver on one side and black on the other. We have had it in storage for over ten years.

Today I cut it down to sizes that I can use. I covered the topper with a piece of the tarp. It is temporarily held in place with heavy duty staples. I want to use some lumber ~ once I’m able to get some.

One of the many things that has kept us from going north this year is public restrooms. With the danger of the Corona virus on non sterilized surfaces we don’t want to chance it. Ella had a suggested solution. We have a camping toilet – a five gallon bucket with a toilet seat. Ella suggested that, if we opened both the front and rear truck doors, and hung a privacy screen between them, she could use it that way. One big chunk our tarp to the rescue.

Here it’s a short video of what I was working on.

Thanks again for stopping by. See y’all again tomorrow.
  • God bless and g’day.
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Day 212, in Texas.

©2020 Thomas E Williams

Days being self isolated

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