2020 May 07 Thursday

In Liberty Hill, Texas

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How slowly the sunrise rises some days.

Steady winds of 15 to 20 and gusts up to 30 mph. I’ll not complain. The windows and door is open and it feels great indoors and out.

Here it’s today’s short video

Amazon no longer shipping my roll of insulation by United States Postal Service. Now coming by FedEx due May 7-12

Wal-Mart now says that the drawers will arrive tomorrow.

I understand that, due to COVID-19, nothing is running as it did before. And Wal-Mart and Amazon should understand that also. So why did they give me the SPECIFIC date of May 6th, knowing that possible delays might happen? They should have done, as Amazon now has, and given a range of dates. Then I would not have sat outside eagerly awaiting their arrival yesterday. Okay, end of rant number one.

The mowers arrived at eight o’clock this morning. That’s not a problem for me, since I’d been up for hours. However, my bride was still sleeping, as I imagine were many others in the park. End of rant number two.

Eggs, bacon, potatoes, tomatoes, and cheese, breakfast casserole. Yum!. And, bonus bonus, there is enough for tomorrow.

The trash men were here a little after nine today. And that’s when Ella decided that it was time to rise and shine. Notice that the work men are wearing no masks. I know how many snot covered tissues I contributed to that trash. So why would they not wear masks all the time, not just now?

May 8, 2015 at Cutty’s Des Moines campground.

Ella’s eyes are not focusing properly. So this morning she had an appointment with Wolf Eye Clinic. They are the ones who had preformed her cataract surgery. They found that one of the plastic lenses that had been implanted had a film over it. It 7 she’ll be able to walk out good as new.

I did a little yard work in the afternoon. It is easy to mow my little strip of grass with a weed eater. Ella has put some flowers in hanging pots and I’ve applied a new coat of paint to our table on the patio. The patio (and everything else) is covered with maple tree seeds. We sweep them off and the wind blows more down. Sometimes it sounds like rain on the roof. I wish that the song birds would eat them. However, I don’t think even the rabbits will eat them.”

We went for a nice walk this afternoon. About twice as far as our usual walk to the mailbox and back. Checking out the wildflowers as we went.


Then it was time to sit a spell in the afternoon shade.

Opps! This morning I opened the truck windows so it wouldn’t build up so much heat. I left the ignition switch in the on position all day. I received the following email from my truck!

Your 2001 GMC SIERRA 2500HD has triggered a “ Red ” battery alert at 12:58 PM on 05/07/2020.
The status of your vehicle’s battery is critical (below 11.8V) and needs attention immediately,”

Sure enough, the battery is dead. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow and see if I can get a battery boost. Once it’s started, we will go for a long drive to charge the battery.

Thanks again for stopping by. See y’all again tomorrow. Stay safe. We love you.

  • God bless and g’day.
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  • ©2020 Thomas E. Williams

Day 219, in Texas.

©2020 Thomas E Williams

Days being self isolated


Great news from the Iowa Governor! Cutty’s Des Moines campground opens tomorrow, Friday, May 8th.
Please stay home if you’re sick.
We are restricted to self-contained units only. Guidelines require us to keep the bathhouses and Clubhouse closed.
Social distancing is still required by the State of Iowa:
Limit groups to 10 or less, including you, your family and guests.
Keep 6 ft distance, other than those in your immediate household.
Everyone must check in at the Gatehouse:
The Gatehouse will be working as a drive thru only.
No one is allowed inside the Gatehouse.
Everyone will need to put their own garbage located in dumpsters around the campground.
Only exterior RV repairs will be made until further notice.
Parents please keep children off of playground equipment. Playgrounds are still restricted by the Governor. Sports equipment and boat rentals are prohibited until further notice.
The Dog Park is open social distancing applies. It is recommended that you sanitize your hands after leave the Dog Park.
Fishing is permitted, but please use social distancing.
Cutty’s will not be having any organized activities until we get guidelines from Governor. We will be reworking the activities schedule and will inform everyone as soon as we can.
Golf cart stickers will be available at the Gatehouse.
Golf cart rules are in effect.
Again, use social distancing.
We are still working out details on opening the Store, Snack Bar, Clubhouse, Rentals and Pools. We are still waiting on restrictions to be removed and state guidelines set before we can move forward.
Security will be available by the security phone at 515-202-8551 and will be making patrols. All normal Cutty’s rules are in effect. The Polk County Sheriff’s department, which frequently patrols the campground, will be enforcing social distancing rules as well.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Brian Hebron, General Manager

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