2020 May 16 ACCIDENT!!!

Saturday In Liberty Hill, Texas

Welcome to our daily journal. Share it with your friends.7 months 16 days since we returned to Texas.62 days being self isolated.

Facing eastward from our porch the sky is the color of cigarette ash.

Facing westward from the dining room window the sky is a study in blues. So many blues that I can almost hear Muddy Waters singing,

Got my mojo working
Got my mojo working
Got my mojo working
Got my mojo working
Got my mojo working but it just won’t work on you!

We had a whopper of a storm pass through late last night and early this morning with lightening, rain and wind.64/100″ of rain with wind gusts up to 40 mph kept me awake until it started to calm down around one this morning. The rain slowed to a stop between five and six this morning.

We more than filled our rain harvesting tub. However, at the same time, those gale force gust blew a lot of dirt and leaves into the tub. After the water has had time to settle down, so that the lighter stuff floats to the top and the heavier stuff sinks to the bottom, I will dip out the cleaner water.

I filled our two ice chests, that we use for washing and rinsing clothing. And then I emptied the remaining from the capture tub. I scrubbed it clean and have it set for our next rain event. In the mean time, it is catching the water that drips from the air conditioner.

After breakfast, we played some Fast Track.

Ella had heard an engine revving and said, “I hope he’s going get enough.” Then there was a series of loud noises in quick succession. I said, “What was that?” We went out and saw the truck in the corner of the lot. Police arrived moments later and then the fire trucks.

You can see the skid marks indicate that he may have been going sideways when he left the road. Taking out a power pole and dropping the line on the ground.

Here is a video I shot this morning and afternoon.

Thanks again for stopping by. See y’all again tomorrow. Stay safe. We love you.God bless and g’day.

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