2020 May 22 Drive to Honolulu


In Liberty Hill, Texas

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  • 7 months 22 days since we returned to Texas.
  • 68 days being self isolated.

It was breezy this morning which felt nice with the cooler weather. I’m a little concern because it appears that WeatherBug hasn’t a clue about what today’s high temperature will be.

Though the sunrise was again spectacular, Sol quickly became lost in the spectral gloom. By midday the sun had returned with only occasional clouds causing a shadow to drift across the land

As I descended from the porch, I noticed the dampness on the steps. That must mean that it had rained. I was surprised because I never heard it. Though Ella later commented that she Thought it had rained.

Checking the rain tub, I confirmed that we had a light rain overnight. About half of the water in the tub was already there before any rain. It was water dropping from the air conditioner unit on the roof. The a/c has been getting a workout over the last several days.

I could have gone back for seconds this morning … if somebody other than I was cooking. What a tlugh life, huh? Hungry enough to eat, but too lazy to cook more.

Lunch was beef roast, seasoned rice, and green beans. I’m becoming good at cooking several separate things at the same time in the Instapot.

Every since the Wall Street Journal reported, last fall, that President Trump was interested in purchasing Greenland from Denmark, I keep seeing it popping up on the web. And yes it’s true that since the 1800’s the United States has repeatedly tried to purchase the huge island.

I never realized how large it was until I saw the above map with it superimposed on the U.S. That got me to imaging “What if”. What if it we’re possible to tow the island and add it to our coastline? East Coast? Fill in the Gulf of Mexico? West coast? Yes! How about placing it between California and Hawaii? That could make Hawaii part of the mainland. Wow! What if we could drive to Honolulu? Grin!

Once it had warmed to ninety degrees, we thought we should take our daily walk to the mailbox and around the driveway back to home.

Thanks again for stopping by. See y’all again tomorrow. Stay safe. We love you.

  • God bless and g’day.
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