2020 May 29 Worries, I Got Some


Welcome, family and friends to our daily journal,

from Liberty Hill, Texas.

I‘ve been awake since four this morning. Not that I needed to be awake at four A.M. Not that I wanted to be awake. However, my mind turned on and wouldn’t go back into sleep-mode.Since I was awake, I got dressed and sat outside on the porch for awhile. I took pre-sunrise and sunrise photographs, listen to the crows, cardinals, mocking bird, dogs, goats, and traffic.I came in, started coffee, and washed yesterday’s dishes. I also did some online banking. More roofing compound was also ordered from Amazon.Once Ella started to show signs of getting up, I started a breakfast of pancakes and eggs.BBQed pulled pork, baked potato, and corn for lunch today. All done separately, and at the same time, in the Instapot. Pressure cooked for sixteen minutes, then let it naturally release pressure while on the “keep warm” function. A couple minutes heating to build steam, sixteen minutes pressure cooking, three to five minutes releasing steam, and then slow cooking on the warm cycle for about twenty minutes … really we could have eaten earlier … we just weren’t hungry yet.The mowers and trimmers came around this afternoon. It makes me chuckle when they do. There is very little of what could be called grass. If there were a law against mowing grass, they could never gather enough evidence to convict them. However, they do keep the weeds down to the same height.Our daily walk, to the mailbox, netted us some super exciting, fantastic deal from Dish Network. Or at least I assume it did. I don’t know for sure, ’cause I tossed it in the trash without looking at it.Our niece, Kara, called this afternoon. She said she received a voice clip from “Tom” that said. “Help.” It wasn’t me. However we did spend a fair piece of time flapping our jaws.I worry about her, the a nurse in a nursing home. With the news that keeps reporting the number of people infected in nursing homes, it concerns me.The same is true for the daughter-in-law who works in the emergency room. My son who operates his restaurant. And the son-in-law, fireman, who, along with his whole crew, have tested positive for Covid-19. He is doing fine, thanks for asking.But the point here is, I personally know people who have died of this terrible virus. I know people who are living with it right now. And I have loved ones who are at risk.Yet when Ella and I do have to venture back into the world, we see people crowding together and people not wearing masks.Despite all the news and warnings, there are far too many people who believe, “It can’t happen to me.” So they go out risking their health and their lives. And worse yet, the health and lives of their family and friends.

Thanks again for stopping by. Share this with your friends. See y’all again tomorrow. Stay safe. Remember, we love you.

  • God bless and g’day.
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  • 7 months 29 days since we returned to Texas.
  • 2 months and 15 days being self isolated.


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