2020 May 30 Canned Again!


Welcome, family and friends to our daily journal,

from Liberty Hill, Texas.

Saturday breakfast, sausage, egg, toast, and a dozen or so pills, vitamins, and supplements. It’s a wonder that I have room for the sausage, egg, and toast.We have all done it, over-fill the cup and have to slurp it down, to be able to put on the lid. This morning was Ella’s turn..The few dishes washed, rinsed, and in the rack to dry.The Drive-by Goodbye for our youth pastor and his wife was this morning. They are moving on to a new church in June. We couldn’t all gather to say goodbye. But we could drive bye, talk four a minute (from a safe distance), give him a card, and maybe some cash.Since I knew that tomorrow we might have people bring more aluminum cans to drop off at church. (See last Sunday’s post) And I knew that my ex-wife usually saves cans for us. So I called to verify that she had some and ask if it was alright to come after them. She said yes and she would set them on the sidewalk.We drove back from Lampasses to home by way of Burnet. This route was ever so much (four miles) shorter. While on the way home we received this text from Louine, “I have a car load of cans!!! I can’t even get Donna’s walker into car😭😭
May we come to your place this afternoon so we can transfer them directly to your truck?
Or we could leave them under awning at church to load tomorrow, which ever works better for y”all.
We met at church for the exchange. She wasn’t kidding. Her van was packed full. Not a lot of bags, but they are HUGE bags jammed full of crushed cans. Everything was moved to my truck and it filled it also.When we got home, we unloaded the truck. After the cans were out, I also removed the. Three new drawer sets that I had just installed. If we receive a lot of can donations tomorrow, we might need to make a third trip to the metal reclamation center. That would be great!After a brief nap, I started going through those bags of cans and pulling off the pull tabs. After a while, Ella came out to help. One bag had some uncrushed cans, as well as ones with pulls. We finished with that bag and calls called it quits for the night.Please watch this video, “Cans and Conversation”.Thanks again for stopping by. Share this with your friends. See y’all again tomorrow. Stay safe. Remember, we love you.

  • God bless and g’day.
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  • 7 months 30 days since we returned to Texas.
  • 2 months and 16 days being self isolated.


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