2020 June 07 ECHO Echo echo


Welcome, family and friends to our daily journal,

from Liberty Hill, Texas

It it’s starting off warm again today. It was still ninety degrees at eight thirty last night, so I’m not surprised at near eighty to get the day moving.Here is a video out our drive into townToday’s Cross Tracks Church worship service was broadcast live from the sanctuary again as it was last Sunday. You may view the video here.As I discovered later, this was also John Saint’s last Sunday. The twenty eighth was to be his final day as our pastor. However, he it’s taking the rest of his time as paid vacation.He is leaving with hurt feeling, both his and the congregation’s. It all stems a sermon that he preached the final Sunday in September. Ella and I were not yet returned from our four and a half stay in Iowa. As a matter of fact, I preached that Sunday, not at Cutty’s Campground, but at Union Park UMC, in Des Moines.Whatever John said that Sunday caused many long time members to abandon the church. It also resulted in the bishop suspending him from the pulpit for one or two months.Rick and s GaryLutherEllaLouine and Fannie onlineOur Sunday school class was an attempt at a hybrid class, with some present and some via Zoom. Where we met has a lot of echoes, which made it hard to hear. It was particularly difficult for those connected through Zoom. Next week we may move the class to the hallway to escape the echo chamber. I have missed the more active discussions that we have in person that just do not translate into the Zoom technology.Other than the echo, it was a really good class. We are working or was through Adam Hamilton’s book “Making Sense of Bible.” It it’s a very well written book about THE BOOK, our modern bible(s). It delves into the when, where, why, and how is became this collection of documents. It discusses what the New Testament is and what it is not.We needed some perishables like milk, butter, bacon, and cheese, so we stopped at Parker’s Corner. About one fourth of the store is the butcher shop and bakery. They also have deli items and two table to sit and eat. Clearly the butcher / bakery it’s the heart and soul of the store.The grocery section does not compare favorably with Dollar General. Dollar General, in addition to a larger grocery selection, also carries selections of household, gardening, office, school, and automotive which just can not be carried in a space the size of Parker’s. I’m grateful that our little town has both.Once we arrived home, we fixed a quick hot dog lunch. From then it was an afternoon of napping, reading, writing, watching, and gaming.Thanks again for stopping by. Share this with your friends. See y’all again tomorrow. Stay safe. Remember, we love you.

  • God bless and g’day.
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  • 8 months 6 days since we returned to Texas.
  • 2 months and 23 days being self isolated.


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