2020 June 23 On Track


Welcome, family and friends to our daily journal,from Liberty Hill, Texas

It was a little thundery this morning and a little wet. But it felt so good to have the door open and cool air blowing in. I’m sure that the ground was in need of more moisture.

I was up about 7 and started the coffee for my bride. I also filled the sink with hot soapy water and dirty dishes.

Then I lay down and read and worked on the blogs.

About 8:30 I came down stairs and washed the dishes that had been soaking. After a little while I heard Ella moving around sou started breakfast. However, when I realized she was in the shower, I quit making breakfast, she wasn’t going to be ready soon.

Eventually breakfast was prepared and eaten.

Fast Track was played several times throughout the day. It would be immodest to mention who won the most games.

When I opened the door this morning it was still raining. I noticed the water was dripping through the awning fabric directly above the door. The awning, like the trailer, is decades old. There were many little pin holes along the edge.

I used some rubber roofing compound to paint along the edge and over any other holes that I saw. Now, I just hope it has time to cure before we have more rain.

After the rain we sat outside in the cool morning air. My chair (the one Ella chose to not sit in) was wet. Therefore, I sat in a camping chair on the deck. The birds were singing, or at least the mockingbird was singing lots of bird songs. Other human voices could also be heard around the park. It was a nice day to be I the open air.

UPS delivered a portion of my prescriptions from the Veterans Administration this morning. In the mean time, we kept waiting for our Amazon order to arrive. About 6:30 I decided to try and track the order. That’s when I found the message below.

I went out and looked again. There was no sign of a package on the deck or the stairs. I checked the app again and found the photo below.

This delivery person couldn’t walk the additional 5 feet to bring it to the door? I’ll bet, when they were a kid, they are the one who threw the morning paper behind a bush to the side of the house! The other day I gave thumbs up to Amazon. Today, not so much. Not near the door and no knock of notification. No gold star for this delivery person.

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  • 8 months 22 days since we returned to Texas.
  • 3 months and 08 day being self isolated.

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