2020 July 04 Independence Day

SaturdayWelcome, family and friends to our daily journal.Breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast. Followed by several games of Fast Track.

Our local town cancelled all of the Independence Day activities.Several years, and several years ago, I looked dashing in my Uncle Sam hat. That spray-in hair color in 2014 was a bad idea. After repeated shampoos, it still had a red tinge. Then I used Dawn dish soap and it came out nicely. By the way, the heat was so floppy that I had to stuff it was paper to make it stand up in true stove pipe fashion.No news is good news. I received three notifications today that there was nothing (bad) to report. Somehow lack of bad news doesn’t always equate to good news.Speaking of news, I grow weary of hearing “black lives matter”. Not because I disagree with it, but because it seems so self evident to me. All lives matter.True, were my skin tone a shade or two darker, I might see things through a different life-filter.On a related note, have you ever noticed that when the news sources report on a person of color, they always mention it? They feel compelled to add the modifiers “black, Asian, Hispanic” However, if the person is “white” it is never mentioned. Wouldn’t it be nice if no race identifies were NEVER used? Will we ever realize there is ONE race, “human”?

We did nothing other than try to stay cool today. And that proved more difficult than expected. The air conditioner way running a lot and causing the circuit breaker to pop off. I kept raising the thermostat (finally setting it art 90° – the highest setting for the a/c).I may have to replace the breaker, because I don’t believe that it is carrying that much of a load.

  • See y’all again tomorrow. Stay safe. Remember, we love you.
  • God bless and g‘day.
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  • 9 months 04 days since we returned to Texas.
  • 3 months and 20 days being self isolated.


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