2020 July 12 Face Time


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We stayed home this morning and attended worship through Facebook. We missed Sunday school because neither of us had the password for Zoom.

It was actually chilly in our bedroom this morning. No, that’s not a metaphor. The second air conditioner (thank you Arik and Jenny) that blew cold air across us all night, had the bedroom area at 72° by morning.

While we are on the subject, this morning I moved the first a/c closer to the window which shortened the hose. The shorter hose radiates less heat back into the room. I then covered the hose with a blanket-throw, again to lessen radiated heat.

Eastern clouds formed an illusion of distant mountains. It was a nice backdrop through which the golden sun rose. Overhead, the clouds were mere wisps of gauze that could in no way veil the blazing day star.

102° predicted high with excessive heat warnings of dangerous air temperature values near 110°.

And then this …

Ella’s weather says 107° that feels like 110°.

There comes a point in weather extremes where it no longer matters if it’s 110° or 120° it’s HOT. At the other end, if it’s 15° below zero or 25° below it’s COLD and that’s all I need to know.

On a better note, I had a nice “FaceTime” visit with my nephew. Keith. He is my my nephew but we grew up more like brothers. He is only five years younger.

Ella had received a Facebook Messenger note saying that he had sent a message to me but bad not heard back. Ella sent a message that explained, I do not have FB Messenger on my phone. She then called Keith through Facebook so we could visit face to face. The reason he had tried to reach me was because, as they are packing to move, he found one of my mother’s journals from when I was a baby. He will mail It to me.

I have many of her journals. She wrote something every day, even if it was just the weather or what she had for lunch. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Spaghetti. That’s what we had for lunch, spaghetti. P.S. I ate the leftover for supper.

We strayed not far from our recliners today. With the air conditioners and fans blowing on us today’s heat was survivable. But beyond those small zones of cooled air … well … we went there only out of necessity.

Stay cool.

See y’all again tomorrow. Stay safe. Remember, we love you.

  • God bless and g‘day.
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1.54 miles? That can not be correct. The trailer is only 35 foot long and I never went outside today. I would really like to know how my watch determines my difference traveled.



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