2020 July 14 What An Adventure


Be safe

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Ella ordered some medications from the Walmart Pharmacy, so I placed a grocery order to be picked up at the same time. One trip two purposes and, if we fill the gas tank, that’s three.Today I’m right handed, almost exclusively. For those who don’t know. I use both hands interchangeably most of the time. I have several theories as to why I am more or less ambidextrous. It could be that I “should” have been right handed, but my left handed mother taught me everything during those formative years. It could be because I have broken both arms so many times that I truly do not know how many times … seriously! Six times that I’m sure of plus at least twice from infant to toddler that I was told about but don’t remember. Yeah! I was that kind of kid. I was always running, jumping, climbing heedless of warnings and oblivious to danger.Anyway, about today’s right handedness. I woke around 4:30 this morning with my left shoulder hurting (for no reason – may be age related). I took some Tylenol and laid down again. I’m finding it painful to reach for things with my left hand. It was even difficult to put an earbud in the left ear….We left home today. Oh what an adventure we had. Okay. Okay. We just drove to Wal-Mart for food, meds, and gasoline. But there is always the danger that, once I’ve slipped the shackles of homebound, I might just keep going and going. I yearn to wander. Oh, the wayward wind is a restless wind
A restless wind that yearns to wonder
And I was born the next of kin
The next of kin to the wayward wind.*Purchasing gasoline requires touching so many things that three months ago meant nothing to me. Now, I go with bandana over nose, mouth, and beard. Armed with sanitary wipe and alcohol spray. All surfaces to touch are sprayed and wiped before use, and, as a courtesy, wiped again when I’m done.Paying for the medications is simpler. We park in one of the designated spaces, call the pharmacy, verify name and birthdays, and hand them a credit card. They run the card and hand it back. Receipt will be emailed. Easy peasy.The groceries are the easiest of all. When notified that your prepaid order is ready, you click the CHECK IN button and the Wal-Mart app starts tracking you. When you arrive, you verify the spot where you are parked, open the door of your vehicle, and wait. Very shortly your groceries arrive and are placed in the vehicle. Ta da! You’re done.Before going to Wal-Mart, I made a couple individual chicken potpies and put them in the instapot on slow cooker mode. Before serving, I browned them in the convection oven’s broiler.See y‘all again tomorrow. Stay safe. Remember, we love you.

  • God bless and g‘day.
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  • ©2020 Thomas E. Williams

*The Wayward Wind lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group. Songwriters: Herbert Newman / Stanley R. Lebowsky

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