2020 July 18 Reading Mom’s Diary


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One, two, three, on the sun hiding behind that cloud. Honestly, Sol, why do you even attempt to play Hide-And-Seek? There is no place you can hide, except beyond the horizon. Even then, we know where you are! Why not wait until Rain and Storm come out to play? Then you can hide more effectively.I mentioned several days ago that my nephew was sending a notebook of my mother’s. I received it yesterday. It chronicles the days from my birth on through my first six months. The first entry:

“- Jan. 23, 1947 – Called doctor at 1:30 p.m. Admitted to hospital at 10 o’clock. Operated on at 11:45. Doctor Dennis. Doctor Isobaker. Tommy 7-2.”

The last entry:

“- July 28, 1947 – Tommy cut the front left upper tooth. It’s so pretty. He weighed 18 lbs on his 6 month birthday.”

Kind of interesting reading about your own birth and bowel movements. Yes, Mother recorded my first two BMs. How many of y’all know when you pooped for the first time? I do. Do you have documentation? I do.Mom didn’t write a lot every day. But she wrote everyday. It has taken a long time for me to develope that discipline.One, two, three, on the sun behind the live oak tree. Good night y’all. See you in church.

  • God bless and g‘day.
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