2020 August 13 Weight


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  • Looks like we’re in for more heat. It turned out to be a mirror of yesterday. 100° that felt like 110°

This morning

  • What shall I write about today? How about my weight? Eight years ago I was 12 pound lighter and still over weight. When I graduated from high school I weighed 160 pounds. The WebMD declared that to be at the low end of my ideal weight. When I returned from military service I weighed about 190. I had worked really hard to put on those pounds. I was very muscular and fit at that weight. Soon after that my life, while very hectic, became less active. That’s When those pings that outs worked to gain, called all their friends to come join them. Before I was really aware of it, I was over weight. That was strange to me, because I had always been such a skinny kid that my mental image had not kept up with reality.
  • I remember seen indecent that took place a couple months after getting out of the service. One of my friends said, “I’d like to see you and Merrill wrestle.” To which I replied, “Are you kidding? Look at the size of his arms!” My friend said, “So? Look at the size of your arms.” I was surprised to realize that my arms were at least as big as Merrill’s. I was no longer the skinny kid. I had added muscular bulk that I truly never had taken notice of.
  • .

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  • God bless and g’day.
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