2020 October 10


Welcome, family and friends, to our daily journal. Share it with your friends. It is a way of remembrance for us and a point of connection for you.

For some reason I didn’t think that I was taking as many morning pills as my mouth could hold. So I’ve added biotin, vitamin C, and fiber tablets to my morning routine. Believe it our not, I can take them all at once. I’m not as hungry in the morning as I once was.

A couple couple of years ago I bought a pair of black cowboy boots. Just to be clear, the boots are black not the cowboy. They were $25 at Goodwill, the boots, I mean. Forget about the cowboy. Let me start over. For $25 I bought black boots at Goodwill. The heel came off one boot, which made me walk like John Wayne. Not wanting to limp/shuffle/saunter like a cowboy legend, today I took the boots to be re-soled (they came from Goodwill so they had already been re-sold). For $85 the boots could have new soled. Bless their soul. For another $20 they will be deep cleaned, soaked in lanolin, and be polished and buffed. (I asked for a chair so that I could be deep cleaned, soaked in lanolin, and be polished and buffed, but that is not a service that the Shoe Hospital provides. Pity!) So, my $25 boots will become $100 cowboy boots. Now, back to the black cowboy – fun fact – By the Smithsonian’s count, 1 in 4 cowboys was black.

And that is how to make a short story long.

We spent most of the afternoon with Jenny as she helped us with budgeting and filling out applications for apartments. Ella also did our small load is laundry. Very productive afternoon.

Once home, we gathered our mail from the box. Amongst other things, we received our Texas drivers licenses. It is the worst photo I’ve ever seen. My skin tone looks like something out of the Simpson’s.

God bless and g‘day.

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