2020 December 26 – Anniversary

Welcome, family and friends, to our daily journal. Share it with your friends. It is a way of remembrance for us and a point of contact for you.At 7:00 p.m. it was 41° and clear.


Daytime: Sunny. High 68°. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph increasing to south 10 to 20 mph in the afternoon.Nighttime: Warmer. Clear before midnight then becoming partly cloudy. Lows around 50. South winds 10 to 15 mph.

  • Today is our anniversary. 27 years, through thick and thin, ups and downs, sickness and health, joy and heartbreak, good times and bad we’ve shared them together and with the Lord’s help made it thus far.

For our anniversary, we have a deck of question cards. They’re designed to stimulate conversation about topics we may never have discussed. Questions like:

  • What was the most agonizing hour of your life?
  • What was your proudest moment from the past 12 months?

  • Our other and somewhat more expensive anniversary gift to ourselves was the 8 quart Instant Pot Duo + Air Fryer. My first, second, and third attempts to make it work failed. Hours later, I discovered the start button.
  • Don’t look at me like that! The first Instant Pot didn’t have a start button. You selected the function, set the temperature and time and it started. How was I to know that the need one added a superfluous start button? Well, yes, it it’s listed in the owners manual. But so what? The manual is mostly superfluous also.

We ordered to-go lunch at one of Ella’s favorite Mexican restaurant. We then hurried home to dine with our best friends – each other.

We played many games of Fast Track while also answering questions from the Our Moments game.

After spending the last month and half sitting in the big Santa chair at the mall, I decided to schedule a covid test. I’m not sick. I have no symptoms. This is only a verification. I was tested preseason, so this could be called a followup test. Sensible precautions were taken, children sat 6′ from Santa. Both Santa and visitors wore masks.

Ella received a present and a phone call from son John today. That gave her a double smiles.

  • All content (except quotations) ©2020 Thomas E. Williams

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