2021 January 06

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Foggy overcast beginning of the day.

Then came the dark and the rain

Though the active party of the storm past us to the north. The rain didn’t last long. The clouds came and webby throughout the day with the net result being mostly overcast.

I checked the calendar to see what activities we had for the day. None, nadda, zip! In the time BC (Before Covid), we would have spent morning and early afternoon with our friends at Grandies.

Grandies is a group of”seasoned citizens” who gather and perform are appropriate ministries such as mailing cards (birthday, get well, missing you, sympathy, and more). We spearhead the Kids Summer Sack Program that helps provide food, during the summer, for children who rely on the school free lunch program. And other ministries that require minimal physical labor – such as stuffing candies into hundreds upon hundreds of Easter eggs. Often we would go as a group for lunch, after our meetings.

Early Wednesday evening was spent at choir practice and once a month we would have a catered meal together and celebrate birthdays and anniversaries for the month. We miss these activities.

We did find a way to occupy our time. Ella sorted her pills for the next couple of weeks and found she was in need of a refill. She sent the request to the pharmacy, but expected it would be tomorrow before it would be filled. Surprise, surprise! She received notification that it was ready for pickup.

Since we were out, we stopped at the doctors to register our new insurance cards and set up appointment for our yearly Wellness Checkup.

While at Wal-Mart to purchase prescriptions, we also bought a gallon of milk and this 3 drawer storage cabinet. (Sorry for the poor picture quality.) Ella has been wanting a pair of these for several months now. This was the last one on the shelf, so we will purchase another later.

Sorry, I fell into YouTube and when I looked up, it was dark. I don’t know if there was a visible sunset or not.


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