2021 April 27

2 medium potatoes peeled and diced
2 medium carrots peeled and diced
2 strips crisp bacon crumbled
3 cups water
1 chicken bullion cube
1/4 cup diced Roman lettuce
1 cup sour cream
Cook everything (except sour cream) until veggies are soft. Once cooking is complete, blend until nearly smooth. Stir in sour cream and serve. 4 servings

My day was not a total waste. I made a brand new (as far as I know) recipe. I decided to call it Root Soup because of the carrots and potatoes. I know. I know. Potatoes are not roots. But naming the soup Things That Grow Under The Dirt Soup just seem like an unnecessarily long name and with negative connotations.

I had 2 prescriptions ready for pickup. While we were there. I bought come bacon. We also bough bought each other a Mother’s Day / Father’s Day present. We now own a bubbling, warming, foot spa.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 April 26

D? Yep, I’ll go along with that. It remained cloudy but still managed to reach the predicted 83°

Ella was taking a break from doing laundry.

Kara called this evening. She finally had electricity to her trailer. The trailer is sitting on her son’s property. She had helped to dig the trench and was wornout and hot. Which made here doubly glad to be able to run the air conditioner.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 April 25

Our Sunday school class met in the chapel this morning.
To church and back again.

It reached 83 degrees outside and remained 74 inside without running the air conditioner. Yay!

I had an apple, blueberry, as banana smoothy for supper.

The daystar continued to burn bright until it was totally gone

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 April 24

A much cheerier morning sky thank yesterday

This was a very close game. And the game that followed was identical.

I needed a cookie fix. The only way to handle it was to bake some cookies.

68 cookies! I think there is enough to share with the Sunday school tomorrow.

While the last 2 dozen were baking, I did the few dishes etc. that I’d used.

I don’t know where today west. I don’t remember taking a nap, which could have used 15 to 45 minutes. We never left the apartment – not even to check the mail.

Ella had been sorting through the piles and boxes of papers. Personally, I was glad to see that a goodly number of them made their way to the trash. Now if we just knew what to do with the rest of them. I’ve started looking for a filing cabinet. Ella thinks a two drawer. I think 4 drawers minimum.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 April 23

It was a dripping, muggy, and foggy morning.

I’ve had a slow leak in the driver side front tire for a few days. Yesterday I stopped asst an air pump too add some air. Unfortunate the machine didn’t work. Instead of inflating, it deflated the tire.

We have a device called HUMx through Verizon it monitors the automotive components as well as my driving. Along with the plug-in devise there is a roadside assistant service also. I called. They came and re-inflated the tire.

Today, I took the truck in for a tire repair. $30 and a few minutes later, we were headed home.

Every Friday night there is a gathering in the apartment’s common room. It is complete with snacks, alcoholic drinks, music and dancing. I can’t hear, don’t drink, and can’t dance. Not much fun for me. Plus, including Ella, nobody but me was wearing a mask. I’d like to get to know some of these people. However, this is not the venue for that.

Scripture Reading:  Colossians 3:23-24

Whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly as though you were working for your real master and not merely for humans. You know that your real master will give you an inheritance as your reward. It is Christ, your real master, whom you are serving.

Think: How can I do everything as if it were for the Master? As an example: when doing housework, do so as if expecting Jesus as a house guest. However, do not become so busy you forget to sit at His feet and listen. 

Pray:  Lord, may all that I am, all that I think, do, and say, be acceptable as praise to you. Amen

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 April 22

Believe it or not, this photo has been lightened slightly. If I hadn’t, there would have been no color in it at all. If you’ve ever seen an old tintype photo, that’s what it looked like.

It’s Thursday and that means (once again) time for Over The Hill Gang*

There we a nice turnout for first Over The Hill Gang* since the beginning of the pandemic. We visited and we ate. I had hoped that we could play some games. However, that didn’t happen this week – maybe next.

Rudolf the Red Nose pickup was very thirsty! 25.375 gallons in a 25 gallon tank. I’m glad I didn’t decide to go to the next station down the road, which may have been cheaper.

If you’ve every used Wal-Mart’s drive up groceries, you will probably recognized this sites.

I had ordered this produce from Wal-Mart, after we failed to get any free produce on Tuesday. Of course, if you’ve been following our journal, you will have seen the cornucopia we received yesterday. We’re gonna eat high on the hog …er … the plant all the way through May. Come to think of it, with all the root vegetables, we’ll be eating low on the plant also.

©2021Thomas E Williams

2021 April 15

This morning members of the Over The Hill Gang met for the first time in over a year. We had several important things to discuss.
Number one: though the club had meet here for 25 years. we do not own the building. We DO own everything in the building; appliances, furniture, library, games. Silverware, cookware, even the pictures on the walls. This past year the city (which owns the building) has allowed a group to use the building. It is basically a daycare for mentally challenged individuals. This group has been using and abusing the OTHG’s stuff. They even installed a padlock on the front door. The new Mayor (who is also a member) has hired a lawyer to determine what rights and limitations all parties involved.
Number two: when (if ever) do we want to resume our weekly meetings. It was decided to begin immediately, every Thursday.
Number three:  previously we had a buffet style luncheon. During This time of the Covid pandemic it was decided to suspend the buffet. Lunch will be served one person at a time from a limited selection.

After the OTHG meeting, we meet up with Karen and Bill art IHOP. Going out to eat with friends seems wonderful and a little strange, after living in isolation for so long.

The predicted hail arrived this afternoon. They were mostly marble  size though there were quite a few much larger. The largest I saw was the size of a tennis ball. I have not been out to look at the truck.

That’s all for today, folks. Leave us a comment.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 April 14

Ella posted: Life in an apartment is interesting. For the second time since we’re moved in the fire alarms went off. 10:30 at night and we’re all out in night clothes checking to see what’s going on. They say no fire just water.” To clarify: low water pressure in the sprinkler system triggered the alarm last night

Sorry about the picture quality, it is greatly enlarged from the original photograph.

Around six thirty this morning, I heard the deep throaty sound of what I took to be a large truck revving its engine as it came into the parking lot just outside our bedroom window. When I went onto the patio to a look, it was not a truck but a late model Camaro. It was shiny and black with this magnetic sign on the drivers door.
Someone was sitting in the drivers seat with the engine burbling along for over an hour. When I could no longer hear it. I once more went to the patio. The car had moved and was sitting in front of the main doors.
This is the information found on their website, “If a fire protection system fails , that’s when disaster can strike. We care about your safety. Austin fire watch offers the customized, round-the-clock fire watch services you need to protect your property and personnel.

Ella was crowned this morning at the dentist. Now, instead of calling her my bride, I may resort to calling her my queen.

The next stop on our journey was the Leander library. Ella has been devouring books lately. It started after she got a new phone and no longer has Droid TV downloaded on it. This evening I downloaded Kindle to her phone. Now she can create a library she can carry in her pocket.

Wal-Mart was somewhat on our way. We needed Aleve pm and Tylenol pm. Mostly Ella wanted to shop for a quilt. Is it bad that I’m relieved that she didn’t find what she wanted? We’ve already had a 90° day. I don’t see the need for another quilt now … or ever, really.

By now it was lunchtime. Rather than go through the whole, “what do you want to eat? I don’t know, what do you want to eat?” routine that I’m sure you can will relate to, I chose to to to Whataburger. These burgers are worth moving to Texas for. We took them home for lunch.

Like a red rubber ball. Oh great, now I have that tune stuck in my head.
And I think it’s gonna be all right
Yeah, the worst is over now
The mornin’ sun is shinin’ like a red rubber ball.”

Scripture: Luke 6:27-28 “But I tell everyone who is listening: Love your enemies. Be kind to those who hate you. Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who insult you.

Think: Am I listening? Do I react with kindness to those who insult me? Do I pray for those who cut me off in traffic? If I truly love my enemy, are they still an enemy? Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Do I look for Christ in others? Can they see Christ in me?

Pray:  Merciful God, I confess that I have not loved you with my whole heart. I have not loved my brother and sister as myself. I have not loved my neighbors, and I have not heard the cry of the needy. I have failed to be an obedient disciple. I have broken your law, I have rebelled against your love, I have not done your will, Forgive me, I pray. Free me for joyful obedience, through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 April 13

We had no storms, in our area, last night. It does appear from the forecast that we have plenty of chances for the remainder of the week. The Texas Hill Country is in drought conditions. I’m not a fan of storms, however, rain works be welcomed.

Aint no sunshine on the horizon and won’t be for sometime either.

Pancakes with blueberries and whipped cream. Yum!  Can’t make a habit of breakfasts like this, but makes for a nice change of pace on occasion.

Ella was sorting her medications for the next couple of weeks and dropped a handful onto the floor. That’s why I keep the reacher-grabber handy when I sort my pills. It is inevitable that at least one will hit the floor and, unlike Ella, I can’t stoop down and pick them from the floor without a mechanical aid.

I am continuing my studies in preparation for our F.R.o.G.* class study of the epistle to the Romans. And, no the epistles are not the wives of the apostles. Epistles is just church language for letters.  * Fully Relying on God

The Center for Disease Control and Food and Drug Administration has recommended a pause in giving out J&J COVID-19 vaccines. The pause comes as an effort to educate patients and medical experts on identifying and treating blood clots.

“Austin Texas Public Health and others will pause Johnson and Johnson vaccine administration after six people suffered a rare blood-clotting condition.” — By Delilah Alvarado, Austin Star-News

I’M CONCERNED about the long term affects of the Covid viruses on people who have seemingly recovered from this group of diseases.
I’m concerned about people’s mental and spiritual health after year(s) of isolation and fear.
The long term financial problems faced by employees and employers, as commerce struggles to rebuild and find new pathways, is also worrying.
I fear the profiteers who are now and will continue to use unfair, possible criminally, practices to take advantages of these circumstances.
And now that so many have been and are continuing to be vaccinated, I worry that the long term affects of the cures may be worse than the disease itself.
This illness is causing so many paradigm shifts and reversals in society, that I wonder what we as a nation and a world will be like in ten and twenty years.

Just before 11 P.M. the fire alarm went off in our building. It took just about ten minutes for the fire department to arrive. In that length of time I heard three different stories about where the fire and/or smoke was coming from. The truth was, it was low water pressure in the sprinkler system. But the alarm sure did bring people out of their apartments.

2021 April 12

We are fully vaccinated against Covid 19.  Curative health services came to the apartments and administered shot number two to those who wanted it.
Meanwhile in the news, “Pfizer’s Angela Hwang said this month that immunity granted by her company’s vaccine lasts at least six months, and so far it’s effective against emerging, more infectious variants. But, she said, booster shots will likely be necessary.”
Here is my question, ” Do you believe that the twice yearly booster shots will be free to the public? If so, for how many years?

See those dark clouds obscuring the setting sun? That it’s a smallish but potentially severe thunderstorm headed this direction.

©2021 Thomas E Williams