2021 January 07

Thursday, January 07, 2021

For Ella, Betty White.
For Tom. Kurt Russel.
Who would play YOU in the story of your life?
I fear I would be a minor character in my life story.

Today we went to a different Wal-Mart and bought a second 3 drawer storage. While there, Ella also bought some shoes. I’m not comfortable with this in-the-store shopping. However, that way we were sure to get exactly what we wanted and Ella could try on the shoes before purchasing.

Our round trips are never quite “round”. And they certainly are not square. There are no roads within a hundred miles that run straight. I’m quite sure that there are places where it would have been possible to make the way straight, but they just chose not to.

Here are the two new sets of drawers sitting side by side. And there they will sit until such time as we find an apartment. Ella’s plan is to use these as bedside tables. So now, not only do we need to find an apartment, but there will need to be 3′ on either side of the bed.


My blood clotting factor is in the Goldilocks zone for the first time since mid November. The whole time I sat in the big Santa chair my eating was off and so was my INR. Sometimes too thick and sometimes to thin. Today it is just right.

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