2021 January 08

Friday, January 08, 2021

It was hazy overcast early this morning. It was also right down cold at thirty five degrees.

The sun shone through the haze but looked small and ineffective.

Ella had a hankerin’ for some IHOP Stuffed French Toast. It was too far away for Door Dash to deliver to our home. I considered drive-up pick-up. But I prefer to eat my food while it is still hot. I suppose we could have eaten in the parking. But we didn’t. By the way, they no longer have Stuffed French Toast. Ella had regular French toast with strawberry and banana on them.

Costco was close to the IHOP and, I’ve been wondering when our membership was to expire. I had no plans to renew it. I was more concerned that it might automatically renew – which I did NOT want.
Good news, it has already expired.

After a short drive, we stopped at the UPS store. I had a package to return to Amazon. The hearing aids that I received on Christmas Eve needed to go back. One aid just didn’t work, period. But beyond that, they were not what I wanted. What I wanted were in-the-ear aids that would easily adjust the volume. These things looked as though I had tried to stuff a ping pong ball in my ear.

The last stop, before home, was Dollar General. Ella went in looking for one thing and came out with five. Sound familiar?

For a late lunch, Ella wanted boiled eggs for a sandwich. Seven minutes in the Instapot is all it takes. Quick release the steam and drop eggs into cold water until cool enough to handle. Crack and peal a small hole at each end of the eggs. Then blow through the hole in the small end and the egg pops out into your hands. Couldn’t be much quicker or easier.

Today’s travels

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