2021 January 13

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

62° was the predicted high for today. However, it reached 65° aground 3:30.
It became so warm inside, this afternoon, that we needed to open the door, several windows, and the ceiling vent in the living room.

The lens flair added a nice touch to an otherwise ordinary looking sunrise.

Our awning has been out for over a year. It has gone through rain, high winds, and this past week 3″ of wet snow. The rafters supports that we bought 15-20 years ago have been worth their weight in gold. Along with 4-5 tie-downs that were secured, not into the ground, but to the trailer itself, it has worked extremely well.

So, Tom, why put the awning away now? I’m glad you asked. It is to let the morning sun come through our large east facing window. The sun can give us a large amount of passive solar heat when we need it the most, in the chilly mornings.

While I was outside installing a new water filter and putting the awning away, Ella was busily filling documents and paperwork.



Did you see that?  My HUM driving monitoring system gave me a 100% plus 2 points. I can only guess that the extra 2 points are for my good looks!

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