2021 January 16

Saturday, January 16, 2021

This morning’s sun climbing into a cloudless, though slightly hazy, sky.

Tom’s answers:
Rudolf the Red Nose Pickup,
our home,
our phones.
Ella’s answers:

How would you answer?

I made a breakfast pizza (sort of) to break our fast. Bisquick dough baked in a pie-tin. Sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, and cheese topped it. Then heated until the cheese melted. Okay, okay. I know it was more of a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit than a pizza. Ella even called it a breakfast casserole. Whatever it was, I didn’t get a picture ’cause we ate it too fast.

2 years ago today Ella had a shoulder replaced with an artificial joint. I made no post that day. However, the following is the post from the day after.

2019 January 17 Thursday in Cedar Park, Texas. 53° and partly cloudy start to the day. We are at the hospital and waiting for Ella to be released.

Day two with Ella’s new shoulder. Neither of us slept long (3-4 hours) she however had deep sleep (thank you pain meds) and I had light sleep.

Yesterday she had very little (uncontrolled) pain. This morning was different and she called requesting relief. She has a line with a nerve block that will stay in until all of the medicine is gone, which will probably be sometime on Saturday. She had a bag under her left arm that contains the medicine. And, of course, the sling on her right arm.

It was approaching 12:30 and we were packed and ready to go, just awaited the “get out out jail free card” from the doctor. The physical therapist was in and instructed Ella in what to do and not do. She managed to dress herself with only minor adjustments from me.

It was about 3:30 when she was released. Ella was given 3 prescriptions which I took to the Wal-Mart pharmacy. It was a nice day (73° and sunny) so Ella elected to remain in the truck. The pharmacy could fill 2 of the orders but the third presented a problem. The way the script was written, Ella could take 12 pills a day. Wal-Mart’s policy only allowed 10 a day.

They contacted the doctor’s office but got no reply. They told me I could get it tomorrow. I told them that out was unacceptable. This was the pain pills that she would need to get through the night. I tried to get them to sell me just enough for the might. Couldn’t wouldn’t.

They tried a second time to reach the doctor. No response. I told them to keep trying and to call when they received the okay.

I went out to the truck and explained to Ella what was going on. I had just started backing out of the parking spot, when the pharmacy called. They had the okay and the meds would be ready in 15 minutes.

Ella needed to use the bathroom so she went in with me this time. We got the pills. (An aside from 2021 – remember when you could go shopping without a mask and stand packed together in a checkout line?)

Charlotte, a friend from church, called to say that she was bringing fried chicken to us as soon as we could get home. I had just finished unloading the truck when Charlotte arrived. It’s nice to have thoughtful friends.

Ella was more comfortable in the recliner than the bed. So we are sleeping in our recliners tonight.end of flashback

Today was a whole lot calmer than 2 years ago. We played Fast Track throughout the day. Had potato soup (from a package) at lunch and cereal for supper. (I suppose at some time in the distant future, I may start calling supper “dinner”.


©2021 Thomas E Williams

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