2021 January 18

Monday, January 18, 2021
Martin Luther Junior Day
66° at 2 pm and some pretty strong wind gusts. Weatherbug reads 16mph but I’d estimate 20-25mph.

Not exactly sunrise, though astronomically speaking
the sunrise was long past.

It took until mid afternoon for the wind to blow the clouds away. Once the sun was out from behind those clouds, it shone warmly through the windows.

Ella’s answer was “right now”. The situation before us, moving into a apartment with no “backup plan”. For twenty years we have had a “bolthole”, a place where we could escape to, if something should happen to where we were living. Originally we had a house and an RV. When we moved full-time into the RV, we purchased a 2nd RV that could be on another location (Iowa & Texas). We are not now down to only one RV. But we OWN it and only rent a spot. If we were to loose the rented spot, we could move the RV. That offers some sense of security. Ella fears that, if we give up ownership, and rent an apartment and then loose the apartment, we have nowhere to go.

Tom’s answer to the question as to what caused the most stress and how it was dealt with was, “The end of my first marriage.” Without going into detail, the trust was broken. Though I offered forgiveness and trust that the same situation would not recur, when it became a reoccurring event, the trust was broken beyond repair. The marriage ended in as amiable a way as possible.

Fresh green leaves on or neighbor’s tree. It seems a little early to me.

Something was happening down at the goat pen. We walked down to check it out. We waited until the cement mixer had left, so we would not be in the way. There were two workers leveling the concrete in an eight by eight pad. They were contracted by a Well Products company. My educated guess is a new water tank will sit atop the platform.

We have had these Red Delicious apples for quite awhile. I really don’t care for them. Their thick leathery skin it’s just impossible to chew. Today, I skinned four of them and made apple dumplings out of them. I used a store-bought frozen pie crust. It didn’t stick together around the apples like a homemade crust. So, even though the dumplings open while baking, they tasted good. Now, what do I do with the remain five? (Just so as to not get snarky remarks – I know that the sixth one is a golden delicious.)

Got’cha! 😃


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