2021 January 20

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

For my bride, I made stuffed French toast. Stuffed with cream cheese sweetened with powdered sugar and vanilla. I used two slices of raisin bread to sandwich the cheese mixture. It was then dipped into a mixture of pancake batter, pumpkin pie spice, beaten eggs and milk. For myself I made regular French toast.


My answer, though it wasn’t technically a single trip, but a single event with many trips, was going into the military. During my service I made a lot of self discoveries. Partially because I was not stationed on a U.S. base, but a NATO base, I experienced some small slice of other cultures. This experience broadened my view of the diversity of human beliefs.
Ella’s answer was about a road trip we took to Washington state. It was during this long trip in a smallish car that we truly discovered how comparable we were. We had been friends for many years, but this was different. As close as I can describe it is the difference between “putting up with” and accepting and embracing. This trip really drew us together.

Another trip to the dentist

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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