2021 January 21

Thursday, January 21, 2021

That is as close as the sun came before being swallowed by clouds

Potatoes, sausage, and egg all scrambled together for breakfast.

This morning found us at the local VA clinic to review the blood test taken last week. Everything was good and an improvement over my last visit. (see below) Ella was allowed in because she is my caretaker.

Speaking of health, the bottles on the left are Tom’s medications (one med not there because – out of it) bottles to the right are supplements that he takes on average 3 times a week. These are all lined up for the Humana doctor to examine as part of a yearly health assessment – today.

Ella also had her medication bag ready along with her supplements.

However, that didn’t go quite as planned. First, the doctor got lost. Second, after I found her and lead her too the trailer, she couldn’t get a signal on her pad. Ella suggested going to the porch of the Stocktank General Store. (Which isn’t really a store. In its last iteration was a food and music venue. But it has been vacant for several years.) Ella’s suggestion was done because we can get a WiFi signal there. Apparently, you can get a cell signal also, because the doctor was able to complete the exam of us.

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