2021 January 30

Saturday, January, 30 2021

An unpleasant looking start of the day. Wind gusts of upto forty miles per hour have things slammin’ and bangin’ around. I’m not sure what is making that racket. I’ve double checked all of the storage bay doors to be assured that they aren’t what I’ve been hearing.

Vaccination Waiting List

We received the following email. “We’ve received your request to join our COVID-19 vaccination waiting list. Thank you for your patience as we are moving through our list as quickly as possible. Family Hospital Systems.” It sounds as though we we getting closer to being offered the vaccination. I’m a little leery but will probably get it.

Question of time Day

Who is your favorite relative on my side of the family?

We will not answer that particular question here. Relatives on both sides read these posts. No sense poking that bear. 😀

Ella wanted to checkout the thrift store for furniture. I keep reminding her that we have no place to store furniture, so looking in thrift stores for them makes no sense to me. When you’re ready to buy, they may be gone.
She says, “I know that, I’m not stupid.” I’m well aware that she’s not stupid. I just don’t understand the desire to shop for what can’t be bought.
I guess the answer is somewhere in our genes. 99% of the time, if a man goes to a store, it is to buy – not shop. Whereas a woman will shop the same item in various stores before determining to buy or not buy.
In both cases men and women appear to be driven by forces from our prehistoric past.
And before y’all get bent outta shape, I know that I’m making broad generalizations that are not universal.

It actually reached 79°. We closed the door and started true AC.
Many games were played today. I won at least one.

I talked to LaTisha (spelling?) at Hills of Leander Apartments. She is the one to whom we gave all of our paper work. However, she is only a temp. The manager was in meetings all day Friday and will not be in the office until after 9 on Monday. That means we are not moving in January. We are now praying for February first.

Sundown was a lot clearer the sunup.

Sleep: 7 hours and 5 minutes. 1 hour and 49 minutes of deep sleep, 5 hours and 26 minutes of light sleep, plus 3 minutes awake around 4 a.m.
Weight:  284.5 pounds

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