2021 February 04

Thursday, February 04, 2021

All of these woolly sheep shape clouds quickly ran and hid from the mourning sun.

We slept a little late and were in a slight rush to get to the dentist. I made breakfast sandwiches of sausage, egg, and cheese,

Our first stop for the day was the dentist, to have Ella’s crown installed. Now that she has the crown. The following is my symmetry of what Ella told me. Next Thursday she will have another crown and a tooth repaired. This in preparing for getting a new plate or repaired plate. (It’s much more convoluted of an answer to post it as Ella spoke it.)

The apartment manager needed to rework some of the paperwork that we had filled out last Friday. They also needed the social security award letter. I had a copy of mine on the phone. I emailed it to her as soon as I found it. Ella’s was a tad more complicated. First, we set up a new account — that took a l-o-n-g time. Who new how hard it would be to find a user name that wasn’t already I use?!!! Once the account was created, it was quite simple to find the awards letter and forward it to the manager. Whew!

Since it was late, we stopped at Subway for our lunch/supper.

This was a very close game.

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