2021 February 07

Sunday, February 07, 2021

It reached 67°. It was a beautiful day to sit outside. Which is what we did at church this afternoon. Ella, Charlotte, and I accepted donations as people dropped them off. We were much busier than I expected to be on super bowl Sunday

Today was communion Sunday. Since there is no in-person gathering permitted, we attended church online. And had communion with what we had on hand, pita bread and pomegranate blueberry juice.

Many Many Fast Track games were played.

Donations for Operation Liberty Hill

The first Sunday of each month, the Grandies (elderly) Group at our church collects food and other items for or local food pantry and through style. We also collect empty ink cartridges and aluminum cans.

Charlotte’s little SUV, with the seats folded down, is fully stacked with donations of food, clothing, and miscellaneous for Operation Liberty Hill.

We received a nice haul of aluminum cans also. Unfortunately, without our truck being empty, we weren’t able to take then home with us. There they sit, stacked against the worship center. Ella sent a text to the pastor so she’d know why the cans are there. Once we have an apartment and can unload the truck, we’ll take the cans to the metal reclamation center.

The sun was approaching the horizon as we returned home this afternoon.


©2021 Thomas E Williams

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