2021 February 08

Monday, February 08, 2021
It reached 73° by 5p.m.
Fog! I’m glad I had nowhere to to this morning

Oatmeal for breakfast. I like a lot of oats in my oatmeal and I don’t like them cooked until slimy. I eat mine with a dab of butter. Ella likes her’s with milk. Both of us like brown sugar.

Hills at Leander said that they found something on my background report that would disqualify me. So I took them a copy of my background check from October. I get one every year before being Santa at the mall.

It is one of those things that I deal with because it its such a common name. I’ve run into problems before because of other Thomas Williams. If you search my name on Facebook, you’ll find at least 46. That doesn’t include ones you’d find under Tom Williams.

The name is so common that, as a hobby, when I’m in a new town, I check the local phonebook (remember those?) to see how many times my name appeared there.

Due to our unexpected need to clear my name at the apartment complex, the lunch that I had begin preparing, was halted and placed in the refrigerator.
Because it was now nearly 1:30 and would be closer to 2:30-3:00, before we returned home and finished preparing what was supposed to be our lunch – – – we drove through In and Out Burger.
To my recollection, over never had these before. Theirs is a very limited menu, burgers, fries, soft drinks, or shakes. They were good enough. Better than burgers at DQ, in my opinion.

Another “burning Bush” sunset.
Glucose 10:30 after eating 214.
I walked nearly a mile by one device and nearly three miles by another. Unfortunately, the lower estimate is probably closer to accurate.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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