2021 February 10

Wednesday, February 10, 2021
If I suffered from depression, this is the kind of day I’d suffer through.

WHAT… Light freezing rain possible. Ice accumulations of less than one tenth of an inch are possible in some spots. Some areas could see a light glaze on exposed surfaces.

Tortilla soup for lunch. Made from a mix but I added chicken and thickened it a bit. We’ve had good luck with the Bear Creek brand of soup mixes. Good for campers ’cause you just add them to boiling water.

Random thought:  I wonder how many vegetarians it takes to fill 400 capsules?

Another random thought: in the grand scheme of things, vegetarians are what carnivores eat.

We received the call today!!! We can move in by Friday at the latest. Yes, we are excited!
We’ve had the truck packed with the first load for two weeks.
Once that is unloaded, we’ll be ready to take some cans to the Marble Falls Reclamation Center.
And then we can start packing more stuff to take to the apartment.

Ella said square dancing.
Tom said martial arts. Though now it would be the slower form of Tai Chi.

Sunset. It’s looked the same all day. And the temperature hasn’t changed much either. It barely reached 40°.


©2021 Thomas E Williams

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