2021 February 11

Thursday, February 11, 2021
Some areas of freezing rain are possible Today…cold temperatures will allow for freezing rain in the Advisory area early this morning into the early afternoon hours.
While most residents will see a very cold rain, some areas that drop to freezing could start to see an accumulation of freezing rain on exposed and elevated surfaces. Residents are urged to use caution while driving later today and be aware of possible ice and slick spots on area roads.
Persistent rain is expected to make the area of freezing temperatures retreat north of the Comfort, Blanco, and Austin areas later today, but the counties to the north are expected to continue receiving light freezing rain or freezing drizzle into the evening hours.

We are due at the apartments to sign papers this morning.

Another beautiful sunrise — somewhere but not here. Here we have freezing rain.
What a nice coating of ice. I needed to start the truck and let the defroster and heater clear the glass. I’m in Texas, I’ll never need an ice-scrapper again.
Both of these photos of the speedometer were take awhile drugging on a 60mph road.
Lots of ice covered trees. Ella took pictures as we were driving to Hills at Leander. I don’t know how they turned out. This photo was taken out the main entrance of the apartment complex.
Entrance and main foyer. Lots of seating and tables.
Mailboxes near the offices.
This is a community kitchen just off the main foyer, near the offices.
The pool isn’t busy today. Temperature is 29° with freezing rain and snow mix. Polar Plunge anyone?
Our apartment door.
Notice the red light over the door. That way First Responders can quickly find the right location in an emergency.
This is where we spent the better part of the day. Not that it took so long to redo some paperwork, but it was several hours if waiting while the office staff took care of more urgent matters.
All electric appliances. Cupboards are very low. I doubt our coffee maker and mixer will fit under them. Luckily the sink counter/bar has plenty of room.
Ella is informing the head of maintenance that we need rods to hang longer garments. The only hangers are low enough to be accessible from a wheelchair.
Is it still a bathroom if there’s no bathtub? That’s okay, neither of us could get in or out of a tub.hi

Everything in the apartment is handicap accessable. That means Ella can reach all the cupboards. And I can sit to do dishes and not have to stand and bend over. Oh, there is a dishwasher that I’ll seldom use. I really dislike them.

It was necessary to start the truck and let it run for awhile to melt the ice. Around 9a.m. I got it started Ann’s we left about a half hour – forty five minutes later.
It was sometime around 4 when we returned home. So our lunch turned super was quick and easy. We were hungry. Heat some hotdogs, open canned beans, and add fresh veggies.
I feel had about poor Rudolf the red nosed hood ornament standing there in this ice storm. But it is too late now.
Side note: the local Wal-Mart closed because their power went out.
The office staff at the apartments were told to close up and go home. I’m glad they stayed long enough for guess to get the paperwork taken care of.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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