2021 February 13

Saturday, February 13, 2021

I should mention that there was a light misty drizzle that was adding a fresh icy coating on the roads, trees, vehicles, and — well everything.

Today we brought a second load of stuff to the apartment. We got the truck loaded while being careful to not fall on the ice coated deck, stairs, and ground.

Jenny called with news that she had located a queen size bed frame, headboard, box spring, and mattress for $160. For $20 he would deliver it. We said, great. Yes. Set delivery for noon.

Since the bed guy only took cash, we went to Wal-Mart to purchase a shower curtain, anti freeze, and most importantly — get cash back.

We made our purchases at Wal-Mart and went out to the truck to put the antifreeze into the radiator. In the process, I dropped the cap down into the engine compartment. About that time, a man, seeing the hood up, asked if I needed help. I told that I’d dropped the cap and couldn’t tell if it had fallen all the way through to the ground. He got down and looked and said it hadn’t.

The two of us looked around the engine and I finally saw it. However, my hand was too big to reach into the small space where the cap had landed. With Ella’s help we retrieved the cap and replaced it.

By then it was getting close to noon and I was afraid that the guy with the bed would show up before we got to the apartment, and leave. Jenny sent a text saying that the bed would be there around one o’clock. Yay! I didn’t feel as rushed.

As soon as we got to the apartment, I started unloading. We used the same system as yesterday. I carried boxes from the truck and set then over the rail on the patio. Ella then carried or scooted them inside.

After a while, Ella said she needed to stop. And I was very cold and ready to come in and warm up. We had unload a little over half of the load.

Jenny sent a text to say she, Sofia, and Beket were coming to help and bringing burgers.

They came and we ate. After eating, Beket and I got the rest of the stuff out of the truck. Jenny and Sofia carried stuff in from their car: a couple boxes of our books that they had kept in storage for us. They also brought bedding and pillows.

They had to get Sofia to work and had to leave before the bed arrived.

We then got a call that Adam, Leigha, Tate, and Emery would be there in about five minutes. I went to the lobby to wait for them. However, they came in a different door. I didn’t recognize Adam when he came up to me in the lobby. He had a stocking cap and mask covering everything but his eyes. They came with a dresser that they had picked up for free.

We got a text saying that the guy with the bed was nearly here. Once more I went to the lobby. Some of the residents were having a party in the lobby. They waved me over and invited me to join them. This is something they so every Friday (this is Saturday – I don’t know). I thanked them and went to look out the lobby doors. I saw a pickup with a bed in the back. I waved to him and showed him where our patio door was. They handed the pieces of the bed over the rail as I had done. Adam, Tate, and Emery helped carry stuff. He then came in and assemble it.

After Adam and family left, Ella and I went down ends joined the party.

This is the first night staying at the apartment.


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