2021 February 21

Sunday, February 21, 2021

It began with clouds instead of sun this morning. With a forecast of mostly sunny, I was expecting more. It eventually lived up to that which was forecast.

The swimming pool ice is melting

Those footprints on the pool ice aren’t fresh — I hope.

My full length pull over face mask.

Notice the resemblance?

The fire department as well as the rescue unit arrived at the apartment complex shortly after noon today. We never found out what was going on.

We took a trip to the church, because Ella said we needed to pick up “our Lenten package.” She said Pastor Michel will be in the vestibule handing them out. I said that I doubted she was going to wait there all day. I don’t have her phone number, so Ella called. To no avail, ring no answer. 
While there we loaded the backseat of the truck with aluminum cans. We had collected them on the first Sunday in February but had no room in the truck. Tomorrow, if it goes as planned, we will take then to Hillcountry recycling in Marble Falls.

Then it was out to
the trailer and loaded a smaller load to bring back to the apartment. We brought mostly kitchen and closet items in this load. Ella worked on clothing while I tried to take care of the kitchen. I washed all the dishes, skillets, etc. before putting them away.

Once again we were fed soup by some restaurant in the area. If you couldn’t tell by the chicken leg, it was chicken broth with veggies and noodles.
Since it reached 72° today, I think we are out of the danger zone now. Eventually, folks will stop feeding us and that’s okay.

Some of the management staff were here today, even though this isn’t a regular office day. Since it’s been a week since any of them were here, maybe they wanted to see if the place was still standing.

Walked 1.7 miles today

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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