2021 February 23

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

I missed sunrise by about 20 minutes. However, I did capture the bright white ball of light in a sky loud robin’s egg blue.

We had poached eggs for breakfast. I haven’t made or eaten them in years. With all this moving of things. I found the poaching cups. So, I made use of them.

Ella washed and dried 3 loads of clothes today. I didn’t know we had that many clothes. I guess it’s time for me to winnow down my clothes again. The thrift stores can put them into hands of those who need them more than I.

While Ella worked on laundry, I spent time organizing and reorganizing the kitchen. Finding places for everything in a kitchen with no drawers (of any size) isn’t easy. Many things have been relegated to preparedness kits. Kits like those that helped us get through the recent polar vortex.

Our groceries delivery, that was scheduled for between 3 and 4 today, hasn’t happened by 9. I gave up, locked up, and went to bed. It’s been cancelled twice. That’s understandable considering the recent weather which ain’t ‘Fit for Man nor Beast(Quote from WC Fields’s 1933 Mack Senett short ‘A Fatal Glass of Beer’.)

STEPS: 3236 1.4 miles

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