2021 March 03

We went to the trailer and emptied it. I managed to get a few things from the shed also. Tomorrow, after the doctors appointment, we will (hopefully) empty the shed.

Upon arriving at the apartment, all of the parking spaces near our patio were taken. We parked around the corner and came inside. We then rested for a spell. Eventually, one of the handicap spots near the patio opened so that we didn’t have to lug everything around through the building. It’s so much easier to set it over the patio railing.

I keep forgetting to get some photos of the loaded truck or the loaded living room, bedroom, and bathroom.

I have no idea what we’re going to do with all of this stuff. Ella already mourns the loss of things from last Labor Day weekend. That’s when the two storage units and the Iowa trailer were emptied. Many things were given away, donated, or trashed. However, a lot of it came to Texas with us.

Now we are emptying the Texas trailer AND all that Iowa stuff, also. It it’s bound to be a traumatic time as we once again sort through our belongings, knowing that we MUST divest ourselves of things we have collected over the years.

Some things will be easily shed of. Anything related to living in and caring for an RV can go. We don’t need the portable AC unit, power washer, extension ladder, awning tie-down stakes, and other things such as these. I will attempt to sell some or all of these types of things. Some other things will be donated to people who need them more than we. And finally some will be trashed.

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©2021 Thomas E Williams

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