2021 March 07

Attended church, as we have been doing for so looking, online. Today we bsat at the table
We listened by Bluetooth through this tabletop speaker.hmm77f6

After church I took a load of trash around to the dumpster. I alsp put some objects for operation Liberty Hill into the truck.

I also found the other leg support for the wire rack shelving system. I put that on the shelving and then added the next two shelves.

We laid down for a short nap. After the nap, we had a lunch of potato and broccoli chowder.

After that we went to the church campus where we collected foods and other items for operation Liberty Hill as well as aluminum cans for the Grandies can collection. Some of the cans were already crushed. Some were not. So while I waited I crushed those remaining ans.

Bill and Karen came with a load of things for Operation Liberty Hill. They then waited with us while we awaited other donations. It was nice to visit with them for a little bit. I told Bill that we would be inviting them over to play games with us sometime soon.

When we finish up at church, we went to Dairy Queen for a treat. We then went to Walmart and picked up our grocery order.

After arriving home, we got all of the groceries put away and played a couple of games of Fast Track.

My sneezing and snotting was getting the best of me. So I laid down and took some NyQuil, even though it was only six o’clock

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