2021 March 09

We had an interesting journey today. Our Google Maps app took us way to the south side of Austin. To a place we weren’t wanting to go. So I redirected it, and this time it took us where we really intended to be.

Where we intended to be was at Nyle Maxwell GMC. We took the truck in to determine why it is leaking fluids, both oil and coolant. A nice elderly gentleman named Guy shuttled us back to the apartment. We are awaiting word as to what the problem is and what the repair is for our ailing Rudolph the Red-nosed pick up.

The Storage boxes for the wire shelving has arrived. I needef to readjust the height of each shelf. They originally made it too tight of a squeeze for the boxes to move easily. They all fit nicely now. One shelf is left open because of the thermostat and light switches

Notice that all of ella’s pieces are in play and none of mine are. Something fishy is going on here. I know sweet Ella wouldn’t cheat.  But no one should be that lucky.

Bedtime came and we hadn’t heard from the GMC repair shop. I had hoped to have at least a preliminary assessment.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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