2021 March 13

Well, we received our 20% chance of rain this morning. It sprinkled enough to leave everything shinning like a freshly buffed wax job. It then moved on and left the sky a lighter shade of gray.
Official signed the RV out of our names. Before leaving the Stocktank RV park, we dropped the truckbed toolbox at Noble’s trailer. He wasn’t home. So I just placed it at the side of the drive.
I have no need of the toolbox. Plus, with the whole truckbed enclosed, the toolbox was really in the way.
I offered it to Heather and Austin first. When they reminded, Ella asked Noble if he could use it. He was a good neighbor to us at the Stocktank – one of the few with a pickup.
Ella wanted cheese enchiladas for lunch. We stopped at her favorite Mexican restaurant for a ” To Go” order.
Rudolf the Red Nose Pickup was hungry too! And it gets kinda cantankerous if he isn’t fed promptly. He simply refuses to move if he’s not fed properly.
I, after those two had their fill, wanted a meatball sub from Subway. We sat in the parking lot and finished our lunches.
Before going to Wal-Mart, we stopped to drop some donations at OLH. As we continue sorting, in sure we will find more to donate.
As long as we were Ginny to bee at Wal-Mart for prescriptions, I ordered just a very few grocery items that we could also use.
Then it was to the other side of the building to pick up prescriptions.
STEPS: 2567 / 1.9 miles
BICYCLE (stationary): .34 mile


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