2021 March 14

We received our 40% in dribbles and drops early on. By early afternoon it was mostly sunny.

We attended church while sitting on our patio. Cross Tracks Church is planning to return to live in-Church services on Palm Sunday (03/28). They will also continue the live feed for those unable or unwilling to attend in-person.  Ella and I will become full fledged members that day. We have been associate members for most of a decade. With us becoming official Texans this year, it is only right to also become official Cross Tracksians.

Lunch was sirloin steak, baked potato, lettuce-carrot-cabbage salad, and fruit cocktail. No photo ’cause I wanted to eat it while it was hot. I told Ella, “Don’t expect to eat like this every day.”

This was really Ella’s day at Fast Track. She claims that I win as often as she does. Since we don’t keep track, I have no proof one way or another.

We had pancake for supper. Not pancakes just a single very large cake cut in half. A half was enough to fill a plate. It was also thick – between 1/2″ – 3/4″. It was plenty.

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