2021 March 15

Bacon, egg, toast, and pills – the old person breakfast. It should be on IHOP’s menu.
A couple years ago our daughter-in-law decided to plant the end off of her lettuce. It grew! This week I did the same thing. Ta dah. I like the idea of buying it once and eating it twice – or more.

I went for a 3/4 mile bike ride on stationary bike.

It was a nice afternoon (84°) …
… so we spent some time on our little patio. Which is where we were when the EMS and Leander Fire Department pulled in.
I guess, when you live in a community of people 65 and better, the EMS might become a more common sight. We didn’t go asking questions and have no answer as why they were here. The fire truck didn’t stay long and slipped away quietly. The EMTs brought back an empty stretcher. I take that as a good sign.
My skin is having a reaction to the watch band. The other option might be that Ella is keeping me restrained at night. 😀
I can slowly eat Cheetos one at a time. For a little while. Then I start shoving then in my mouth like feeding a fire. Anyone else have this problem? I’m reminded of the old saying, “The man takes a drink. Then the drink takes a drink. Then the drink takes the man.” Substitute Cheetos for drink and it describes my relationship with these cheesy baked corn curls.

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