2021 March 16

It remained overcast with distant fog until mid afternoon. The brief occurrence of sunshine was enough to bring the temp to 80°.
Breakfast was made a little more special by having French toast with blueberry pie filling.
This is the fitness room next to our apartment. I plan to make regular use of the stationary bike and dumbbells.
The third Tuesday of each month is when we can receive fresh produce from Hill Country Community Ministries. It it’s also the day that the Leander Church of Christ opens Brighter Days Food Pantry for people 55+.
There is more food here than we need. About 1/4th of it will be donate (redonated?) to the food pantry at Operation Liberty Hill. If we can get permission to do so, some will be left in the apartment’s Great Room Area with a FREE sign.
This whole street is lined with trees full of white blossoms. In person, the contrast between trees and sky was more striking.
2 miles isn’t much, but it’s a start. Besides, I needed a bathroom break.
©2021 Thomas E Williams

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