2021 March 20

The sunrise over the Hills

Ella arranged the flowers that we received on Tuesday. I was busy turning a pork loin into some nice thick Iowa type chops* and some good sized roasts.

Even though we haven’t been together for about a year, (thanks to Covid), our church choir will sing on Resurrection Sunday. It is a tune that we are mostly familiar with. It is called If You’re Happy, Say Amen and if you’d like to hear the choir from years ago rock this tune, follow the link.

Today was a”low impact day”. We are down to finding spaces for the boxes of smaller miscellaneous stuff. By comparison, the bigger stiff was easier.

*The Iowa Chop is the pork version of the porterhouse steak. An Iowa Chop is cut at least 1 ¼ inches thick with the tenderloin still attached.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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