2021 March 23

Sunrise over the Hills … literally.
Sausage, egg, and toast for me. Bacon, egg, and toast for Ella. It has been a while since I’ve had sausage for breakfast.
Even dead flowers have a beauty. I’m sure there is a sermon in there somewhere.
The fountains (all four of them) are bubbling away in the swimming pool this morning. It will not be too long before we will begin to enjoy it.
Ella had a doctor’s appointment this morning. It is so much quicker to drove to most of our doctors now that we live on Leander than it was when we were west of Liberty Hill.
While waiting in the truck for Ella to be done with the doctor, I noticed how the bright sunshine brought out the whiteness of my beard.

Between 10 and 11 o’clock last night, we had a pretty substantial rain pass through. Along with the rain some places got a high amount of wind. Bertram, a little town to the west of Liberty Hill, had a tornado touchdown.

According to CBS News in Austin: “Significant damage occurred to the Bertram Blend & Boutique building – its roof and side were completely torn off. A.B McGill & Co. next door was vacant but destroyed. Fire crews worry it is near collapse.

Ascension Seton Bertram Healthcare Center on South Gabriel St. had damage to the front, and the Bertram Public Library had broken windows.

Fire officials say some businesses can be rebuilt but others need to be torn down.

Fire officials say some businesses can be rebuilt but others need to be torn down.

The storm that caused the damage was under a severe thunderstorm warning with a possible tornado at the time the storm moved through. The National Weather Service will head out there in the morning to assess the damage.

This morning however, broke with bright sunshine and it lasted through the whole day.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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