2021 March 25

It did rain a little very early this morning. However, but daybreak there was only haze in the air.

I made a big breakfast this morning. It included sausage, egg, toast (homemade bread), fried potatoes, and cooked spinach. Yes spinach. I also had powdered greens in my hot tea.
When I checked my blood clotting factor this morning, it was very thin. Thus, I needed some Vitamin K to increase the spread art which my blood will clot. Dark green vegetables are high in K.
I suspect that it was the Covid vaccination shot on Monday that has my INR out of range. After the shot, Ella and I were told to not take aspirin. Aspirin is, among other things, a blood thinner. The warning about Aspirin makers me suspect that the vaccination medication is also a blood thinner.

After breakfast and after our daily devotional we played a couples games of Fast Track.

At 12:45 this afternoon a fire truck and ambulance arrived, lights flashing and siren screeching.

The fire truck left after a few minutes. The EMS didn’t leave until shortly before two o’clock. We, most likely, will never know the who, what, and why. But we do know the when.

I had some overly ripe bananas. The obvious thing to do was make banana bread with cream cheese topping. Since the oven was already hot, I also made a cherry pie with shortbread crusts. With all modesty I will say that I’ve never had better banana bread. The pie was okay.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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