2021 April 03

We were on the very edge of the rain. Though the radar indicated that we were getting rain, we didn’t received enough to call it a sprinkle.

Despite the forecast, the sun rose for a short shot of sunlight. Then all clouded over.

This was another day in which we had no where to go – and all day to get there. These are perfect days to play Fast Track. Actually, any day is a good day to play Fast Track.

It was also a good day to play Rummikube.

At this point I passed. I didn’t see this move until it was too late. Luckily for me, Ella didn’t manage to win before I had a second chance.

I went for a three mile stationary bikes ride this morning. Did you realize that, if it had been an actual bicycle, I could have coasted part of the ride? That would heave given my legs a rest. However, unlike a stationary bike, I would have gotten a little upper body workout as I maintained balance on a moving bike.

I was going to make a loaf of bread it the bread machine. However, for some unknown reason, it wouldn’t start. So I mixed it in the stand mixer, then hand kneaded it. The machine goes through times of mixing, kneading, warming and resting. I, on the other hand, kneaded, let rise, punched down, shaped, let rise, and baked.

While I was waiting for the bread to rise, Ella prepared an apple cobbler. It smells so good that it might not make to Adam and Leigha’s for tomorrow’s dinner.

It was about 2:45 when we sat down to our “noon”meal.  But it was a big one. We had roast beef along with roasted potatoes and carrots. The drippings made a nice rich gravy too. The canned fruit cocktail completed the meal. Notice that neither the bread nor the cobbler were damaged in the consuming puff this meal.

When we can’t go camping, we can watch others on YouTube who camp and do bushcraft. This is Wild Woman Bushcraft‘s channel.  She is a young mother of three boys who live in Bavaria.

This is the reason I don’t wear shorts. Can you imagine the crazy suntan my legs get? Not to mention sunburning my kneecaps. I can hardly wait for swimsuit season.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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