2021 April 05

I never noticed fog from our apartment windows this morning. However, it was completely overcast. Right around noon we had or first sustained dose of sunshine therapy.

We called some friends to invite then over for a game of Fast Track. But, because they were having four rooms in their house painted, they were unable to come other today. We told them that it is an open ended invitation. We just asked then to call first in the off-chance that we might not be home.

My morning routine goes something like this:  I wake up and reach over and leafy a hand on Ella. If she’s awake, I’ll say something like, “Good morning, My Love.” If she is asleep, I say nothing until she wakes. 

Usually I lay there and thank God for waking me. I open my smart phone and fonts the verse of the day. Then I’ll do a little meditative bible reading. 

Next, I shuffle to the kitchen and start the coffee for my bride. Then a stop at the bathroom for — well you know. Washing my hands, face, and beard. Then I comb the tangles from the beard.

Returning to bed, I check the weather report and as that information to our blog. Next check the email for anything on the prayerchain or anything else that may need my attention. Then I go through and send all the junk emails to the trash.

By then the coffee is done and it’s time to get up. After applying arthritic pain relief gel to my feet and knees, I put my leg braces on. They are designed to relieve some of the stress on the knees, as well as keep the kneecaps centered.

Once dressed, I’ll start breakfast (Usually bacon, eggs, and toast. Sometimes accompanied by sliced oranges, apples, or the occasional banana.

Ella is now up and we sit down at three table. The food is blessed and eaten, our morning meds and vitamins are taken, dishes cleared away, and the devotion from the Upper Room is read. 

If we have no doctor’s nor other appointments, it is game time; Fast Track, Rummikube, or yahtzee.Add in some light housekeeping and the morning it’s

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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