2021 April 07

It was already 70° at daybreak. It reached 82° by mid afternoon under a hazy sky.

We took Rudolf the Red Nose pickup in for new brakes. Everybody knows, if the reindeer don’t stop, Santa’s sleigh might run over grandma as she walks home on Christmas Eve. So, after close to $475, we can safely stop on a dime. If there are a great number of dimes scattered along the road. The folks at QualTech also gave me a check list of other things that they believe need to be fixed — for another $1,500.00. Y’all pray for Rudolf’s healing — or at least that nothing major breaks.

Our travels today didn’t take us very far. QualTech is less them a quarter mile from the apartments. Basically, we drove down the bypass on the west side of the toll road, passed under the toll road, drove back along the east side, passed under it, and drove up the west side to where we begun.

The slight haziness of the sky diffused the light which made the sun appear twice its normal size

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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