2021 April 11

A nice sunny Sunday

The first stop we made was to reinflate a low tire. I hit a pothole last week. I knew that it jarred us but I didn’t realize that it had bent the wheel rim. Might have to have that dent pounded out.

Our big event for the day was the first Sunday school of the year and worshiping at church. I am leading the class this year.

I was the liturgist today. The Scripture reading was from Ezra. The part where they name all of the people like, Jeshua, Jozadak, Zerubbabel, and Shealtiel.

The children’s sermon was a lot of fun for them and the adults. They built a wall with blocks. And of course, half the fun of building with blocks is knocking them down again.

We gathered outside for a picnic after church.

From church we went to Wal-Mart to pick up the groceries rusty I’d offered on Thursday.

Are y’all home? I need to run to cedar park and can bring your last few boxes by.

We received this text message from our daughter in law, while we were at church. So rather than her bringing boxes to us, we went and picked them up. She had been storing them for us since last Labor Day

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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