2021 April 15

This morning members of the Over The Hill Gang met for the first time in over a year. We had several important things to discuss.
Number one: though the club had meet here for 25 years. we do not own the building. We DO own everything in the building; appliances, furniture, library, games. Silverware, cookware, even the pictures on the walls. This past year the city (which owns the building) has allowed a group to use the building. It is basically a daycare for mentally challenged individuals. This group has been using and abusing the OTHG’s stuff. They even installed a padlock on the front door. The new Mayor (who is also a member) has hired a lawyer to determine what rights and limitations all parties involved.
Number two: when (if ever) do we want to resume our weekly meetings. It was decided to begin immediately, every Thursday.
Number three:  previously we had a buffet style luncheon. During This time of the Covid pandemic it was decided to suspend the buffet. Lunch will be served one person at a time from a limited selection.

After the OTHG meeting, we meet up with Karen and Bill art IHOP. Going out to eat with friends seems wonderful and a little strange, after living in isolation for so long.

The predicted hail arrived this afternoon. They were mostly marble  size though there were quite a few much larger. The largest I saw was the size of a tennis ball. I have not been out to look at the truck.

That’s all for today, folks. Leave us a comment.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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